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Peace of Mind Property Rentals is here to tend to all of your property needs. Whether you are seeking real estate in Imbil or other nearby areas, we can help. We have been a staple in the Imbil community for more than 30 years. We are passionate about providing a thoughtful approach to property management and leasing.

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In the real estate business, having the right agent makes all the difference. With any venture into real estate comes the need for support, guidance, and expertise.

Property Management

Managing a real estate property requires time, commitment, organisation, and attention to detail. For many people who are looking to be a part of the real estate industry, they cannot do it alone. Bringing in a professional property manager is the right answer. It will help make the process much more efficient.

At Peace of Mind Property Rentals, we are a professional, well-informed property management company. Our services for property management help clients with:

Finding quality tenants
Advertising the listing
Collecting rent and deposits
Tackling repairs
Owning property is not always easy. A property manager can be a useful asset when owners face difficult situations like evictions or property damage.

Creating terms and contracts for lessees is an essential aspect of property management. Our company helps clients to create all of the necessary documentation and rules for their properties. Our experts can provide recommendations regarding maintenance responsibilities (such as lawn care). In addition, we can help establish pet policies and important rules that tenants must follow. Rules can cover various topics such as smoking guidelines, noise levels, and general neighborly conduct.

Property Leasing

Renting out your property can be a financially beneficial experience for a homeowner. However, it is important to ensure that you do it the right way with the help of a real estate agent. Peace of Mind Property Rentals helps customers through every step of the leasing process. We ensure that all forms are filled out and every detail is tended to.

Our agents will assess the demand for real estate in the local area in order to help our clients gain a valuable understanding of their level of competition. Then, we assist with determining the recommended prices to charge tenants.

Property leasing requires that lessors comply with many laws. Peace of Mind Property Rentals will assist with the legal process. We can help ensure that our clients have completed all of the necessary paperwork for rentals in Imbil. Having a written lease will guarantee protection for you as a lessor in a variety of situations. By working with our firm, all parties will be informed and engaged with the leasing process.

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Imbil is a town and a locality in the Gympie Region, Queensland, Australia. Located 160 kms north of the state capital, Brisbane. Imbil is home to the annual Mary Valley Art Festival, which began in 2000. Peace of Mind Property Rentals has been serving Imbil for many years and has become the leading real estate agent in the area.

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