7 Things You Probably Need To Know About Property Rental

7 Things You Probably Need To Know About Property Rental

Many people invest in rental property, hoping to earn good money. However, not every property owner is a winner.

While rental properties increase the chances of success by creating regular monthly income, you need to take some concerns seriously before making a hasty decision.
Take time to learn rental property management, factors leading to property value appreciation or depreciation, and other essential aspects of property management.

In this post, we highlight important aspects regarding rental investment property. Follow these essential tips: whether you want to invest in property or hope to increase your rental income.

Location Of A Rental Property Always Matters

The location of a residential or commercial rental property affects the marketplace. The background represents different values such as accessibility, neighbourhood, traffic, socio-economic importance, and proximity to essential amenities.

Some of the directly notable benefits of buying rental property in a prime location include:

  • Quick access to public facilities
  • The property stands easy to attract tenants and ease of resale
  • Tenants enjoy the charm and benefits of staying in a highly developed area

Before buying an investment property, consider the location!

Hire a Property Manager

A qualified and experienced real estate agent is necessary and provides higher chances of success to the rental investment owners.

Avoid all the temptations of jumping into DIY property management. This is because disputes involving rental payments, lease agreements, and other legal/legislation issues require expertise. Besides, being a DIY property manager consists of many complex issues such as making rent demands, evicting bad tenants, claiming bond monies, and managing property taxes.

Hiring a qualified property manager saves you time and ensures positive monthly cash flow. Property managers will link you to potential tenants by helping you with the rental listing.

Besides, property managers ensure compliance with the Australian taxation office and save landlords thousands in tax benefits.

Therefore, avoid DIY rental management, and work with an experienced property management company.

Set The Right Rent Price

We recommend working with an experienced real estate agent to ensure the correct rental income. Real estate agents understand the Australian rental market and keep up with pricing trends. Thus, the real estate agent will advise the property owner whether the rental price is within the current market prices. Therefore, setting the correct rental prices is critical to maximising profitability.

Keep Up-to-date With Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping is often a rigorous exercise when it comes to property management. Remember to issue receipts every time tenants pay rent, collect deposits, and even pay rental expenses. Property managers have to keep records relating to trash removal, payment of employee salaries, repair and maintenance costs, and other vital records.

If you have a full-time job, keeping up with the records relating to your property becomes a difficult task. Not ensuring proper bookkeeping only exposes you to loss of money and income. If you are a DIY landlord, you have to pay an accounting and finance professor to help with record-keeping.

You can hire a property management company with good accounting knowledge to save you the extra cost.

Ensure Tenant Screening Before Signing Rental agreements

Another critical role in managing rental properties is making sure proper tenant screening. Although private landlords tend to overlook tenant screening, the process ensures potential tenants are suitable for tenancy.

The primary prerequisite for a tenant is paying their rent in full and on time. You do not want to keep chasing tenants for rent. Besides, late rent payments affect your mortgage payments and your credit rating. Therefore, screen prospective tenants.

Pay Rental Properties Tax on time.

Investment properties attract stamp duty, rates, and land tax. It is the responsibility of a property owner to pay property taxes on time and truthfully. If you fail to pay taxes on time, your debt will grow each day, and the Australian Tax Office will charge you general interest automatically.

Essential Property Maintenance

To ensure rental property value does not depreciate and that the property attracts tenants throughout the year, the property owner should ensure essential management practices. The duties include:

  • Checking the drainage system to avoid any issues.
  • Getting regular electrical checks.
  • Pruning trees and clearing garden waste, among other repetitive tasks.

If the property management is poor, the sale of a rental property becomes a challenge, and the property does not attract high-quality tenants.


Good property management ensures regular rental income. If your tenants are happy, they refer friends and colleagues to your premises. Therefore, your property will not remain vacant for months, guaranteeing passive income. To ensure proper management of rental properties, hire an experienced real estate agent. A real estate agent helps landlords keep up property taxes and bookkeeping and that tenants sign the rental agreements.

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