5 Mistakes to Avoid When Staging Rental Properties In Noosaville

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Staging rental properties in Queensland is a step many property owners overlook. Some view property staging as cost-prohibitive, while others do not understand its importance.

However, when searching for rentals in the Noosa district, many prospective tenants do not just look at the available space. Thus, the assumption that your rental property is spacious and will attract enough quality tenants isn’t often valid.

You will need some strategic property staging to spark the imagination among prospective renters. 

Read on to understand why rental property styling pays off and how to do it right.


What is Property Staging or Styling?

Many property owners have heard of staging a property for sale, but only a handful are aware of rental property staging. Property staging or styling prepares a rental property for inspection, making it more appealing to potential tenants.

Staging rental properties in Noosa may not seem a standard practice among property owners. However, those who have applied rental property staging in their business have won big in terms of attracting tenants within a short timeframe.

Typically, staging for a rental differs from staging for a home sale. While the two focus on making the property more desirable to the customer, rental property owners must apply a specific approach to make the property move-in ready and influence renters’ decisions.


Why You Need Staging For Your Rental Properties Noosaville


1. To Stand Out From The Competition in Online Listings

Most people start their search for fully furnished apartments in Noosa and surrounding areas online. Thus, photos of a staged rental property will do an excellent job of attracting them to book an inspection.


2. Create a Cosy, Move-in Ready Feel

Many property renters are willing to pay for a property ready for move-in. Thus, a professional presentation pays off quickly by attracting good tenants faster.


3. Showcase Potential for Comfort Living

Home staging highlights various potential uses of the property’s space, which is an opportunity for property owners to showcase the fantastic location and spacious living zone.


4. Attract Long-Term Tenants

Renters looking for a long-term lease will take time to view the available options. Thus, staging is a chance to reduce turnover and vacancy rates.

Consider that rental staging presents a chance to highlight a uniquely designed garden courtyard or clean interior space. When they see that, quality tenants who want to live in such an environment are more likely to sign the bottom line.

The property owner or manager must ensure professional property staging to achieve this goal.


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Mistakes To Avoid When Staging Your Rental Properties In Noosaville

Here are some mistakes to avoid when staging a rental property in Noosaville.

1. Getting Proportions and Scale Wrong When Staging Fully Furnished Apartment

Proportion is the dimensional relationship between items, and scale is how an object relates to the room size. When staging a property for rent, ensure you have the proper proportion and scale for every room’s furnishing and décor.

If a potential renter walks into a property with an open plan living zone and the proportion or scale feels wrong, they could feel disconcerted and confused. No matter how appealing other rooms may seem, potential renters will turn away when that happens.


2. Choosing Cheap and Harsh Colours When Styling Rental Properties In Noosaville QLD

There is nothing wrong with choosing less expensive finishes, furniture, or home décor. However, make sure the choices feel neutral, as potential renters will notice harsh colours or inexpensive items quickly, preventing your property from standing out from the competition.


3. Not Decluttering

Put away those décor pieces no matter how appealing you think they may be. In a home staging, less is more. Thus, don’t leave items on display simply because they are a gem to you!


4. Risking DIY Rental Property Staging

Professional rental property management agents help property owners with home styling. Engaging a professional is the easiest way of ensuring the home attracts potential customers. Typically, DIY home staging may end up with many hits or misses, affecting the property’s potential to attract qualified tenants.

Professional property management companies have experienced rental property stagers who offer unique insights into the art of home styling. They understand what will and what will not appeal to potential renters.

Thus, hire and listen to an experienced property manager to guide you through the home staging process.


5. Not Highlighting Crucial Property Features

Your potential tenants also want to know if the property is within walking distance of a shopping centre and other essential amenities. Typically, tenants will want to go for a short walk, so highlighting that your property is just minutes away from a school or grocery shop can be crucial in attracting quality tenants.


Bottom Line

Staging a rental property offers an excellent opportunity to showcase a home’s comfortability, drawing more prospective tenants. However, landlords should engage a professional rental property management agent to win tenants in today’s competitive rental market.

To learn more about what the best property management in Noosaville can do to help you get the best tenants for your property, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Peace of Mind Property Rentals.