Peace of Mind

Everything you need for you next property rental from the Sunshine Coast to the Gympie Hinterland. Great services, great prices with trustworthy experience that will give you complete peace of mind. See us today at Peace of Mind Peroperty Rentals.


I know my owners and tenants at a more personal level. I’ve been in property management for almost 11 years and have completed all stages of this profession.

No Hassle

I offer my services to owners who intend making their property a lucrative investment, without the worries!


If you have your house for sale and the market is not up to your expectations, please consider the rental market and allow me to find the right tenant for your investment home!
Always available for you...
- Karoline Weinand

Local Business

I’ve enjoyed being a local to the Sunshine Coast & Hinterland, working here since 1983 and have no desire to leave this area.


I love my job and dealing with people. I love to help people and animals, so, in between working I’ve helped to sell tickets to raise funds for the Cancer Fund and the RSPCA.


Each year, I assist in the organising of the Annual Kin Kin Horse Ride and have done so since 2006.

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